Science has always been one of the most exciting and fascinating career choices for students. The category is all about making groundbreaking discoveries and innovations that can change the world and benefit humankind in easy ways.

The national spending on science and technology has gone up in the last five years and is inching towards two per cent of India’s GDP. Hordes of new institutes are coming up in the nook and corner of the country — 30 new central universities, 5 new Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, 8 new Indian Institutes of Technology and 20 new Indian Institutes of Information Technology are in various stages of conception and completion.

A lot of brilliant scientists work in labs away from their country and the government has launched new schemes in research and development sectors for the growth of the country.

After completion the degree, a scientists will get a very good job profiles such as:

Project Scientists
Senior Associate Scientist
Project Research Associate
Regulatory Scientist
Research Scientist
Data Scientist