A clerk is a person who works in an office doing duties such as filing, organizing, mailing, etc. or a person who works at a sales counter.

Lower Division Clerks (LDCs) are generally the first level of clerks in any Government Organization. The job profile of a Lower Division Clerk (LDC) in a government organization consists of daily office tasks, e.g., to maintain the office data, files and documents in a systematic manner. The other major tasks performed by LDCs in different government departments are dealing with the entire Clerical Work; maintaining the work flow in Office; Registration of Mails; Entering Data on Computer; Indexing, Registering & Maintaining File Registers in an efficient manner; Receiving Documents & Maintaining the Record of the same; Getting the Important Files & Documents for their Seniors; Typing Official Letters, Notices, Notifications and other official documents; Preparation of Simple Drafts and Statements; Making Salary Slips of the Staff; Fetching up the important data from the library of information and bring them for the seniors.

LDC is related to daily office duties/ tasks / functions means from beginning of any work in any office will be started from this level means LDC has to prepare files online/offline and responsible to maintain all office functions and files in a right way means basic system of any task is arranged by LDC in any office.

Upper Division Clerk : When a candidate becomes UDC he/she is directly responsible to assist and help in every single function of the officers or manager or superintendent.

Checking of unnecessary papers/documents of the office and which tasks to be handled at administrative level on right time and along with this UDC is responsible for both indexing and weeding of tasks allocated in the office and represent various completed entry level work to officers or higher authorities.

Clerks typically do the following:

  • A layman who has certain minor duties in an office
  • An office worker who keeps records, types letters, does filing, etc.
  • An official in charge of the records, accounts, etc. of a school board, court, town, etc.
  • A hotel employee who keeps the register, assigns guests to rooms, etc.
  • A person who sells in a store; salesclerk
  • A person who handles mail, etc., as in a post office

Types of Clerks

Bookkeeping Clerks
Accounting Clerks
Auditing Clerks
Information Clerks
Material Recording Clerks
Administrative Assistants
Secretaries Clerks