Assistants are providing incredible administrative and working support who have huge potential to earn a six-figure salary, travel the world and enjoy amazing career progression in this competitive world. We are going to provide you with all the details of the Assistant duties/skills/progression you need in this definitive job guide while you will be hired as an assistant by a company or organization.

An executive assistant works at a very senior level, either for a CEO or a Board director. Many of Personal Assistant end up being the right-hand of a leading CEO or high profile individual and will be tasked with everything from project to event management.

More duties of an assistant include providing support to senior management and its team of bookkeeper, accountant, lawyer and managers, assisting in daily office needs and managing the organization’s general administrative activities in the areas of real estate, property management and finances. Ultimately, the Admin Assistant should ensure the efficient and smooth day to day operations of our office and its business.